Company Overview

The SDRi Leadership Team has a proven track record of success with building medical device companies, markets, and significant shareholder value.

Josh Butters

Over 20 years of experience in management and development and commercialization of orthopedic medical device companies and technologies. Previous companies include Stryker, IMDS, CyMedica Orthopedics.

Neil Duggal, MD
Consultant CMO

First surgeon to implant a CTDR in North America. A neurosurgeon dedicated to cervical DDD and a longstanding research and clinical interest in cervical disc arthroplasty.

Matt Woods
Director, European Sales

With a vast network and home base in the United Kingdom, Matt Woods and Ortho Consulting Group oversee all aspects of Sales, Marketing, and Distribution of Synergy Disc products in Europe.

Steve Farlow

Over 30 years of experience building entrepreneurial businesses. Created a university based Centre for Entrepreneurship in Waterloo, Ontario. Broad experience in Board governance.

George Baran

Executive Chairman for the Trudell Group of Companies. Over 30 years’ experience in the medical device industry including leadership in the acquisition and development of novel medical device technologies.

Bjorn Rindal
Principal Engineer

Over 20 years of design and development of innovative orthopedic medical device technologies. Expertise in theoretical analysis and project planning with vast experience in Spine, Knee, Hip, and Sports Medicine products.

Massimo Calafiore

SVP, Spine Business Unit at NuVasive. Over 12 years of experience with significant leadership roles in the orthopedic medical device industry, Previously President & CEO for Waldemar Link companies. Instrumental role in development and commercialization of PCM cervical artificial disc.

Suzanne Sweeney, CPA Finance

Over 29 years in finance and accounting, including over 4 years of experience in accounting for orthopedic medical device companies.

Headquarters - Cambridge, Ontario

100 Pinebush Road, Cambridge
ON N1R 8J8, Canada​

U.S. Office

357 S. McCaslin Blvd, Suite 120
Louisville, CO 80027, USA

Phone: +1.647.692.3493